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Célin Jiang (b.1993) lives and works between Paris, Strasbourg and Shanghai.

Currently artistresearcher at ArTeC+ and Arts et Créations Sonores

She is a visual artist, performer, composer and creative director.

Her cross-dimensional practice aims to explore relationships between arts and technologies and digital humanities. The decolonial approach to the transcultural aesthetic of her work is anchored within the cultural studies. By questioning our perception of identities in a globalised context, Célin Jiang considers collaborative work as a vector of change: what is the social role of art, by forming a fertile ground for emancipation and experimentation, IA and spirituality intersect to nourish visions of interconnexions and mutations.   

Graduated from Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin (with the jury’s honors) in 2018, she continues her practice in Shanghai within the research program Ecole Offshore, Creation and Globalization of ENSAD Nancy until June 2019. At the Fall 2019, the artist continues her research within the post-degree Arts and Sound Creations at ENSA Bourges and becomes a member of the DRUMS collective. In 2020, she is continuing her research-creation work within the DIU of the ArTeC + University Research School. She is an active member of the Bebom18 quartet, half of duo Cérisoline, and performs as Jiang+Riffo. She is also part of the cultural association Ligojn in Strasbourg. 

In 2020, her work Voyage en Bus wins the third prize of “Oreilles Curieuses, Radio Campus Paris” radiophonic contest. Her works have been exhibited in Ars Electronica 2020 Festival (Linz, AT), Madein Gallery (Shanghai, CN), Tsonami Festival (CL),  Musée d’art Contemporain et Moderne (Strasbourg, FR), Le Vecteur (Charleroi, BE), Le syndicat Potentiel (Strasbourg, FR), Rencontres Internationales Monde-s Multiple-s (Bourges, FR), Musée du Papier Peint (Rixheim, FR), Exhibitronic Festival (Strasbourg, FR), H27 Gallery (Shanghai, CN), Niko Matcha (Bruxelles, BE), Le Molodoï (Strasbourg, FR) etc.