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issue 2 
29,7 x 42 cm
200 numbered copies
96 pages / no binding
9 artists

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The climate change is inevitable, letting our bodies slowly merge into the metaverse. It is welcoming us in a tangible way as our artificial realities become natural. 
By it means, the exploration of an intimate journey seems possible. The versatile piece emerges from the ocean on one side as a still image and on the other side, as a moving image that activates  music as the player approaches. This interpretation of the active meditation in the consumerism is a speculative narrative of our past present futur. The water is in the water. We prosume our own mythology. While we turn around the work, the slow reflections of the simulated sunshines rise on the top of the still water, giving a dissonant pattern of generated cells. The fluidity of the image is permanent, versatile. 


海洋OCEAN was showcased in the MadeIn Gallery, Shanghai, CN in 2020.
Curated by Li Hanwei, Liu Shuzhen, Fang Yan, founders of the Slime Engine collective.
海洋OCEAN is a virtual reality exhibition that can be viewed and downloaded online. 海洋OCEAN showcases around 100 artists whose works float on the surface of the water. The specificity of the device includes the active collaboration of the player, who interacts with the artowrks, as he travels around this digital narrative.

«Climate Change 气候变化» 􏰅􏰆􏰇􏰈
2019, 3D Computer-generated Imagery, still image

􏰉 «Welcome 欢迎观临􏰍»
2019, 3D Computer-generated Imagery, looping video, 2’32